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  1. Theatre instructor - sessional full-time
  2. Associate deans
  4. Assistant Professor Tenure Track Position in Theatre
  5. Dean, school of creative arts
  6. McGill's Schulich School of Music- Position in Organ and Church Music
  7. University of Calgary- School of Creative and Performing Arts- 2 Assistant Professors
  8. Multiple Opportunities at Concordia University
  9. Memorial University- Grenfell Campus- Drawing/Intermediate Painting
  10. UBC Okanagan- Digital Media and Computer Science Tenure Track Instructor I
  11. McGill University : Position in Music Theory / Poste en théorie de la musique
  12. University of Calgary - Multiple positions
  13. Emily Carr University of Art and Design - Multiple job postings
  14. McGill University: Position in Voice / Poste de professeur de chant
  15. Emily Carr University of Art and Design - Dean, Faculty of Cultutre and Community
  16. UVic- Posting for Faculty of Fine Arts Deans Position
  17. Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Sculpture at Concordia University
  18. Concordia University Tenure-Track Faculty Position
  19. Concordia University - Tenure Track Faculty Position in Visual Communication Design
  20. University of Alberta - Assistant Professor - Visual Communication Design
  21. University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus - Associate/Assistant Professor, Visu
  22. University of Regina - Tenure-stream Position: Indigenous Art Histories and Cultures
  23. NSCAD University invites applications for 1 Assistant Professor, Painting and Drawing
  24. Assistant/Associate Professor in Studio Practices, University of Victoria
  25. Assistant/Associate Professor in Musicology, University of Victoria
  26. Visual Arts Program: 4-month teaching term at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University
  27. Theatre Program: 4-month teaching term in Acting, at Grenfell Campus, Memorial U
  28. The Faculty of Communication & Design (FCAD) at Ryerson University
  29. Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Music - Music Therapist-in-Residence
  30. University of Calgary; seeking tenure-track Assistant Professor
  31. University of Calgary: tenure-track position Assistant Professor in Drama Design
  32. Multiple openings at Emily Carr University of Art + Design
  33. Emily Carr University of Art + Design - full time faculty position
  34. Assistant Professor in Music Composition at School for the Contemporary Arts at SFU
  35. Assistant Professor in Theatre: Production and Design at SFU
  36. Cross-Appointed Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Canadian Moving Image Arts Studies
  37. Canada Research Chair in Material Futures : Textiles Surface Structure Fibres
  38. Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Painting and Drawing
  39. Tenure-Track Position in Photography
  40. Assistant Professor of Music (Ethnomusicology, tenure-track) - McGill
  41. Tenure Track Position Fine Arts - Grenfell Campus, Memorial University
  42. University of Victoria - Assistant Professor, Tenure-track in Painting and Drawing
  43. Carleton University, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  44. Memorial University, Grenfell Campus - Four Month Term Position
  45. Grenfell Campus, Memorial University - Four-Month Term Position
  46. Grenfell Campus, Memorial University - Four Month Term Position, Studio
  47. Tenure Track Opportunity: Jewellery & Metalsmithing
  48. The Faculty of Music, University of Toronto - Full-time tenure-stream position
  49. The Faculty of Music, University of Toronto - Musicology
  50. University of Calgary - Assistant Professor in Drama Acting
  51. Chair, Department of Drama - University of Alberta
  52. University of Regina - Art History and Cultures of Display
  53. Associate Vice President, Research and Dean, Jake Kerr Faculty of Graduate Studies
  54. NSCAD University invites applications for 1 Assistant Professor, Painting
  55. Emily Carr seeks a full-time, permanent President + Vice Chancellor
  56. Tenure Track Associate Professor in Film Production
  57. Canada Research Chair in Material Futures: Textiles Surface Structure Fibres
  58. University of Manitoba - two tenure-track positions
  59. Ada Slaight Chair Position at OCAD University
  60. Tenure-Track Position in Music Theory
  61. Tenure Track position in Music Composition
  62. LTA position in Music Therapy (Creative Arts Therapies)
  63. York University - Dean, School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design
  64. Société d’arts visuels de l’Alberta – SAVA/CAVA - Executive Director
  65. Société d’arts visuels de l’Alberta – SAVA/CAVA
  66. Assistant Professor, Arts and Cultural Management
  67. Assistant Professor - UBC Okanagan
  68. School of Art, University of Manitoba- Two Tenure Track Indigenous Academic Positions
  69. WLU Tenure-Track Position (Orchestral Conductor)
  70. Associate Vice President, Research + Dean, Jake Kerr Faculty of Graduate Studies
  71. Director, Beckett School at Laurier
  72. Limited-Term Appointment in Film Studies - Concordia University
  73. University of Regina - Two Year Term Position: Theatre Acting and Directing
  74. University of Regina - Assistant Professor in Art History and Cultures of Display
  75. University of Regina - Iseechigehina Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Post-TRC Artistic
  76. University of Regina -Tenure-track Assistant Professor Position: Painting and Drawing
  77. NSCAD University - CRC Tier 1 in Indigenous Art and Community Engagement
  78. OCADU - Vice President, Academic & Provost
  79. Assistant Professor - Department of Drama, University of Alberta
  80. Assistant Professor, Arts and Cultural Management - MacEwan University
  81. Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology - University of Toronto
  82. Emily Carr University of Art and Design - Vice President, Academic & Provost
  83. Red Deer College - Probationary Continuous Character Animation Specialist
  84. Mount Allison University - Dean of Arts
  85. McGill University - Canada Research Chair Tier 2 - Historical Performance Practice
  86. McGill University - Canada Research Chair Tier 2 - Voice Performance
  87. University of Regina - Theatre: Voice, Acting and Directing
  88. Full-time, probationary tenure-track position in Musicology. Brandon University
  89. Assist Professor Visual Communication/Digital Design University of the Fraser Valley
  90. Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lethbridge
  91. Tenure-track position in Production and Design Simon Fraser University
  94. Full-time Assis Prof. Jazz Drumset Desautels Faculty of Music University of Manitoba
  95. Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Storytelling University of Saskatchewan
  96. Canada Research Chair (Tier 1)Indigenous Art &Community Engagement NSCAD University
  97. Tier1 Chair Transaltantic Black Diasporic Art &Community Engagement. NSCAD University
  99. Assistant/Associate Professor in Communication Design Emily Carr University
  100. Assistant/Associate Professor in Foundation Emily Carr University
  101. Assistant/Associate Professor in Interaction Design Emily Carr University
  102. Assistant Professor in 3D Computer Animation Emily Carr University
  103. Assistant/Associate Professor in Critical + Cultural Studies Emily Carr University
  104. Assistant/Associate Professor in Industrial Design Emily Carr University
  105. Assistant/Associate Professor in Interdisciplinary Art Praxis Emily Carr University
  106. Assistant/Associate Professor in Painting Emily Carr University
  107. Assistant/Associate Professor in Photography Emily Carr University
  108. Extended Term in Elementary Visual Art Education CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY
  109. Limited Term Art History Non-Western,Post-colonial ,Global Art CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY
  110. Limited Term Appointment in Film Production CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY
  111. Limited Term Appointment in Print Media CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY
  112. Extended Term Studio Arts/Interdisciplinary Studies Fine Arts CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY
  113. Two year Term Position: Choral Music, University of Regina
  114. 10 Month Term Position: Piano Performance and Theory
  115. Dean - NSCAD University
  116. Limited Term Appointment in Drama Therapy
  117. OCAD University, President & Vice Chancellor
  118. NSCAD_ Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Creative Technology
  119. Nscad University -Sessional appointments for courses in Design and Foundation 2019-20
  120. Tenure Track Position in Experimental Composition Simon Fraser University
  121. Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Performance Creation-Simon Fraser University
  122. Tenure Track Position in Visual Art- Simon Fraser University
  123. Eight Month Term Material Practice-Grenfell Memorial University of Newfoundland
  124. University of Regina-two-year term Studio Art Painting /Drawing -Assistant Professor
  125. University of Regina-Tenure Track Position: Theatre Acting and Directing
  126. Concordia University-Dean of Fine Arts
  127. University of Manitoba The Desautels Faculty of Music-Assistant Professor, Musicology
  128. NSCAD University-Assistant Professor in the area of Textiles – Dye and Print.
  129. Full-time tenure track position in Voice -McGill University
  130. Piano and musicianship skills at the rank of Instructor I-University of Manitoba
  131. NSCAD University Tenure Track/Tenured Position in Craft History/Material Cultures
  132. Grenfell Campus,University of Newfl,Labr,Tenure-Track Position Fine Arts
  133. pus, Memorial University of Newf, Labr,Tenure-Track Position Fine Arts 
  134. Department of Music Research-Assistant or Associate Professor McGill University
  135. Dept of Drama at the University of Alberta in Edmonton-experienced Technical Director
  136. University of T /Associate / Professor - Choral Studies
  138. Dean, faculty of communication, art and technology- sfu
  139. Saxophone and jazz studies at the rank of assistant professor or lecturer-Brandon Uni
  140. Tenuretrack position in music therapy-Wilfrid Laurier University
  141. Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts -University of Victoria
  142. Director- SFU Galleries position
  143. Assistant Professor, Graphic and Digital Design-The University of the Fraser Valley
  144. Assistant Professor, Graphic and Digital Design-The University of the Fraser Valley
  145. Art History & Contemporary Culture, NSCAD University-Tenure Track/Tenured Position
  146. Faculty of media, art, and performance, university of regina
  147. School Director Associate Professor or Professor-University of Victoria
  148. Assistant Professor (Coordinator of Choral Activities) -Western University
  149. Assistant Professor of Voice and Opera- University of British Columbia
  150. STUDIO ARTS/ FINE ARTS, CONCORDIA UNI/Limited Term Appointment in Intermedia
  151. Department of creative arts therapies / fine arts/ concordia university
  152. FACULTY VACANCY-School of Music-tenure-track position Composition- Brandon University
  153. Brandon University tenure-track position in Music Theory-Assistant Professor
  154. Grenfell Campus, Memorial University- 8-Month Term Position-The School of Fine Arts
  155. Director/curator, morris and helen belkin art gallery
  156. Assistant Professor of Piano
  157. Director, Academics, Glenn Gould School
  158. Director of the School of Music
  159. Creative technologies Assistant Professor
  160. Tenure-Track Appointment in Visual Arts for First Nations, Metis, Inuit or Indigenous
  161. Dean, Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design – Sheridan College
  162. Tenure-Track Studio Faculty: Print Media
  163. School for the Contemporary Arts - Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Contemp
  164. Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies
  165. Assistant Professor - The University of Manitoba School of Art
  166. Full Time Professorial Stream - Assistant/Associate/Full Professor
  167. Academic Administrator and Faculty Appointments Faculty of Art - OCAD University
  168. Registrar - NSCAD University
  169. Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in Film
  170. Assistant Professor of Piano - University of Calgary
  171. Brandon University’s School of Music - Tenure-Track Position in Composition
  172. Tenure-Track Appointment in Visual Arts for First Nations, Metis, Inuit or Indigenous
  173. Brandon University’s School of Music: Saxophone and Jazz & Contemporary Popular Music
  174. Tenure-Track (Assistant Professor) – Composition
  175. Assistant/Associate Professor in Music (Jazz Studies)
  176. Professeur associé/agrégé en musique (Jazz)
  177. Assistant Professor - Full-time Tenure-track Position
  178. Assistant Professor in Communication Design
  179. Assistant Professor in Film and Screen Arts
  180. Assistant/Associate Professor in Interaction Design
  181. Assistant/Associate Professor in Photography
  182. Electronic Resources Librarian (non‐teaching faculty)
  183. CRC Tier II in Indigenous Studies, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts
  184. Assistant Professor in Theatre Production & Design
  185. Dean, School of Fine Arts - Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  186. Department of Art, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lethbridge
  187. Painting, Drawing and/or Print: Instructor III - University of Lethbridge
  188. Music Producer and Instructor in the Digital Audio Arts - University of Lethbridge
  189. Drama Instructor & Production Manager - University of Lethbridge
  190. Strategic Framework Impact Chair in Indigenous Art Practices
  191. Jazz & Contemporary Popular Music (Bass, Guitar, or Piano/Keyboard)
  192. 8.5-Month Teaching Term Position in Time-Based Media/Drawing
  193. Capilano University - Dean, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts
  194. Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  195. Limited Term (Choral Activities) appointment - Western University
  196. University of Lethbridge Faculty of Fine Arts: Audio Engineer/Producer – Tenure-Track
  197. Assistant/Associate Professor of Organ | Professeur associé/agrégé d’orgue
  198. Tenure-Track Position in Contemporary Dance
  199. Position in Narrative and Sequential Art Practices in Black Cultural Production
  200. Executive Director, Division of Learning and Teaching Support and Innovation
  201. Visual Art Instructor (Painting) - Continuous Appointment (Probationary)
  202. Assistant/Associate Professor of Applied Performance Science Research
  203. Professeur associé/agrégé en Sciences appliquées de la performance
  204. Technical Theatre Instructor and Production Designer
  205. 4-month Teaching Term Appointment in Theatre (Acting)
  206. Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Music, Equity and Social Justice
  207. Assistant Professor in Experimental Sound Art / Sound Design
  208. Tenure Track Faculty Position in Theatre-Performance [Performance Making]
  209. Tenure Track Faculty Position in Theatre Performance [Research-Creation]
  210. Assistant Professor in Indigenous Art Studio – Tenure-Track
  211. Film Production, Department of Cinema and Media Arts, York University
  212. Virtual Production, Department of Cinema and Media Arts, York University
  213. Creative Technologies, York University - Markham Campus
  214. Contractually Limited Appointment, Popular Dance, York University
  215. Department Chair, Department of Design, York University
  216. Music Technology and Production, Department of Music, York University
  217. Computational Creativity & Artificial Intelligence, York University
  218. Tenure-track opportunity in African Art and Visual Culture, York University
  219. Tenure-track opportunity in Expanded Drawing Practices, York University
  220. Tenure-track position in Music Therapy (open rank) - Wilfrid Laurier University
  221. Assistant Professor of Historical Keyboards (Harpsichord)
  222. Assistant Professor of Music Theory
  223. Professeur adjoint en Théorie de la musique
  224. Assistant Professor of Historical Keyboards (Harpsichord)
  225. Professeur adjoint de claviers historiques (clavecin)
  226. Assistant Professor of Viola
  227. Professeur adjoint d’alto
  228. The University of Manitoba Desautels Faculty of Music
  229. Western University: Trombone Job Posting
  230. OCAD: Indigenous and Racialized Cluster Hire of 3 Tenure-Track Positions
  231. Teaching Intensive Stream, Lecturer: Experimental Animation Program
  232. OCAD: Associate Dean of Academic Affairs in the Faculty of Art
  233. Assistant Professor of Choral Conducting
  234. Assistant Professor, Babs Asper Chair in Jazz Performance
  235. Director, Visual Arts Residencies
  236. Assistant Professor – New Media (New Media & Video) Term Appointment