The Role: Director, Visual Arts Residencies

Reporting to the Dean of Arts and Leadership, the Director, Visual Arts Residencies is responsible for leading the vision and implementation of visual arts residency programming at Banff Centre.

The Director’s role is to create a compelling vision for programs that meet the ambitions and objectives of the Banff Centre strategic plan, meet the needs of Canadian and international artists in the 21st century and increase the profile and reach of our nationally and internationally renowned programs.
Visual Arts is one of many disciplinary areas at the Banff Centre and the incumbent will work closely with Directors of all other arts disciplines at the Centre, and with the Dean of Arts and Leadership, to plan and design not only specific portfolio programs, but also cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs where appropriate. The incumbent will also work closely with the Program Operations team to ensure that innovative visual arts programs for artists, curators and practicums are delivered at the highest possible level. Banff Centre arts programs seek to create an environment within which artists can explore and push creative boundaries, create new work and develop both personally and professionally.

Excellent knowledge of contemporary arts practice is essential (including a broad working knowledge of ceramics, painting, sculpture, print-making, photography and digital arts which are overseen by artist/facilitators in these disciplines). An excellent professional network of contacts within visual arts communities in Canada, North America and internationally is also essential, along with a deep understanding of professional development at the post-secondary level and beyond. The success of programs rests on the ability of the incumbent to attract a roster of exceptional, sessional creative faculty and to attract high-quality applicants to the programs.
The director will work in close alignment with the Walter Phillips Gallery director to ensure relevant and aligned programming, and sharing of physical resources in Glyde Hall, the Visual arts residencies and WPG building.

The incumbent is responsible, with support from the team within Program Operations, for balancing the artistic ambitions of the program area with the requirements necessary to function efficiently as part of a post-secondary institution.

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Roles and Responsibilities

a) Strategic Planning

− Works with the Dean of Arts and Leadership to understand and implement the strategic goals and business objectives of Banff Centre as they relate to visual arts and arts programming overall.
− Working with other Banff Centre arts Directors, creates a comprehensive Visual Arts program plan, annually and over a 3-year planning horizon, which includes program evaluation metrics.

b) Programming

− Creates an annual comprehensive and integrated program plan for the department area, working with program managers and other subject experts. This includes designing residency programs and planning for their implementation and evaluation.
− Meets mission aligned Work Integrated Learning targets – and Advanced Education requirement − in the arts program plan as set out by the Dean of Arts and Leadership.

c) Operational Management

− Works with the Dean of Arts and Leadership to understand the program goals and business objectives of Banff Centre as they relate to Visual Arts.
− Assists in the development of donor proposals, government and other grant proposals with the Development team.

d) Financial Management

− Manages the budget required to deliver excellent programming by working with Program Managers, and the Dean of Arts and Leadership.
− Responsible for an active program of dissemination of the results of Visual Arts residency activity developed at the Centre, in print and digitally.

e) Relationship Building

− Utilizes effective contacts within the art, education and funding communities nationally and internationally to ensure the on-going relevance of Visual Arts programs to artists and curators, while enhancing the value of these programming areas.

f) Communications

− Communicates the Centre’s vision and goals internally and to the broader external community.
− Maintains regular contact with all Departmental Directors to discuss opportunities and issues affecting stakeholder groups.

Human Resource Management, Team Building and Interdivisional Cooperation

  • Enables the Visual Arts staff to function as a high performing team at all times, maintaining open communication, clear objectives and priorities, and a culture of positive behavioral intent that is consistent and in alignment with Banff Centre values and is welcoming and inclusive, supporting a diverse workforce.
  • Ensures that employees fully understand their roles, responsibilities, and performance standards and provide ongoing formal and informal feedback, coaching and support as employees strive to achieve expectations.
  • Fosters an internal culture that maintains the highest standards for customer service, excellence of staff, participant and guest experience, and fiscal, operational, and organizational integrity.
  • Ensures a positive and safe work environment for all Banff employees, aligned with Banff Centre’s policies including but not limited to code of ethics, anti-harassment policies, contractual obligations, and strategic directions.
  • Maintains effective working relationships with team members, internal partners, customers, the union and other stakeholders.
  • Ensures team members represent Banff Centre to any stakeholders and constituents in an informed, helpful, and positive way, striving to increase the organization’s public value in each interaction.

g) Leadership and Influence

− Provides creative and strategic leadership, vision and program direction and design to Visual Arts residencies, through experience and knowledge of the contemporary visual arts culture and community.
− Leads a team in a unionized environment that achieves its financial and non-financial objectives within an environment of collaboration, communication, and innovation.

h) Stakeholder Relationships

− Contributes to the overall success of the Banff Centre by participating in internal committees as required.
− Interprets the impact of decisions and policies on the Centre’s ability to promote and profile Banff Centre.

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Qualifications and Educational Requirements

The successful applicant will demonstrate the following competencies and skills:
  • 10+ years of proven collaborative and inclusionary leadership.
  • Relevant post-secondary degree(s) with a deep understanding of art education.
  • Demonstrated experience in teaching, curriculum development and program development. Track record of attracting talented faculty to design compelling and innovative programs.
  • Network and reputation in the Canadian and International art community to attract high profile artists. Active member of Visual Arts associations and groups.
  • Previous experience in setting a compelling vision, both artistic and educational, and utilizing creativity, innovation and a strong business acumen to delivery on this vision.
  • Background and or interest in working in a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Operational awareness (budgets, grants and fundraising).
  • Experience working with external donors/stakeholders (government, the private and public sectors.)
  • Highly motived and energetic – contemporary and forward-looking while honouring legacy and what has been built.
  • Effective communication and presentation skills.
  • Adept in the planning and organization required to successfully launch multiple projects at once; stewarding existing programs and prioritizing capacity for new programming.
  • Multi-lingual (preferred)
  • Experience in capital projects (preferred)
  • Working in a unionized environment (preferred)

Express Your Enthusiasm

Email a cover letter and tailored resume (PDF or Word document only) to Allan Nelson or Laura Youngberg at indicating the job title in the subject line of the email.

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OppProfile_Banff Centre_Director Visual Arts Residencies_FINAL.pdf